Where can you buy a WHITE BOY’S SHIRT which is on top for the beginning of the school year? 


As white boy’s shirts constantly appear as the most frequently searched product in our shop, we have decided to present our offer of the white boy’s shirts by  Polo Ralph Lauren 

Available in our internet shop CELEBRITY-CLUB.PL 

White boy’s shirts Polo Ralph Lauren are made of high quality of cotton, thick, soft and pleasant to touch. 

Quality of the Polo Ralph Lauren white shirts is best proven by their longevity, which can be verified after the shirt’s few washes. White shirt used once needs to be cleaned.

Due to the thick, even processing and the internal seams the shirts do not wear through or rip – the solid finishing makes the shirts resistant to repeated washing. 

One of the details which facilitate putting on the shirt is a perpendicular hole for the sleeve’s button – therefore you can button the sleeve with one hand without a problem. Thick stitch used with Polo Ralph Lauren boy’s shirts is a detail that attracts the most attention at the collar’s backstitching. Simple collar is the most popular collar type with shirts – it’s a universal model. 

Boy’s shirts by Polo Ralph Lauren with a button-down collar have buttons with which the ends of the collar are attached to the shirt. Buttons hold the collar in the right position, even when the shirt is unbuttoned at the top. White boy’s shirts by Polo Ralph Lauren are characterized by a slightly rounded bottom line, a bit longer in the middle and shorter on the sides.

 In order to pick the correct shirt you need to know the right shirt size, the height and the size of the collar. First parameter is simple and easy to understand, however, the collar size is nothing else but the circuit of the neck in centimetres with additional one or two fingers. 

 Polo Ralph Lauren shirts are long enough to be easily put in the trousers. 

Polo Ralph Lauren white shirt will make your child look very elegant at the beginning of the new school year.