Where to find elegant dresses for girls? 
– it’s a question that many moms ask themselves. 

We’re starting the season of the First Communion parties and family meetings, which require an elegant outfit. Suddenly, we realize that our children do not understand what elegance means – which is showing respect for others with your outfit. 

Elegance is appearance and behaviour, and the appearance obviously depends on the outfit. Elegance is beauty and grace – it shows one’s internal order and the approach to the world as well as to others. 

Elegant girl’s dresses for special occasions. 

Below are our suggestions from the internet shop Celebrity-Club.pl. 

White and pastel dresses by Aletta and Colorichiari are the most universal ones for the baptism and the First Communion. 

White dresses for the baptism by Aletta are comfortable, made of high quality material (cotton), which is gentle for the skin and cool in touch. There are also accessories available: shoes, hairbands, garlands, which make a harmonious combination. 

First Communion dresses are white or écru made of silk (summer luxury), they shine beautifully, noble, simple cut, with a batiste lining, which makes the bottom of the dress fall really nicely. 

We also offer chiffon dresses – chiffon is a delicate non-stiffened fabric and the final effect is phenomenal. 

Elegant colourfully flowered dresses by Lesy – girls love such designs – flared, with many flowery patterns, decorated with bows – such dress makes one look gorgeous and festive. 

Outfit, which you are wearing in a particular moment, influences others; beautiful clothes can provide you with more power to act and more self-confidence.