Is it worth buying Polo Ralph Lauren backpack for a child? What our clients pay special attention to while purchasing the backpack? 

It is a well-recognized brand, associated with exclusive life style, and it has particularly emotional meaning for the clients. Children value a model mainly based on the look, parents focus more on the comfort of use, the finishing and the lasting. 

Polo Ralph Lauren backpacks are made of a material which does not wear away or rip, they are well-impregnated, however, due to the numerous seams it is never certain that during a heavy rain some water would not get inside. 

RL backpacks are equipped with additional zippers that allow both: the front and the side access, which appears really convenient when you would like to take out a single item from the backpack. Polo Ralph Lauren backpacks for children are very light, with many inside pockets; the shoulder straps are wide and adjustable. Zipper has a large pull, which makes it easy to open the backpack; it is a really convenient organizer bag too. At the front, there is the “horse” logo – the ambassador of the brand.